Monday, 27 February 2012

Crafty DIY : Stencilled Cake Tin

If, like us, you have a few tins leftover from Christmas sweets and biscuits, then you probably have the same dilemma. They're way too good to throw away, but there are only so many tins you can use for storing pasta, screws and nails and rabbit food. So what do you do with them? Turn them into gorgeous cake tins of course! They are very easy to jazz up and make great gifts, especially when filled with a homemade birthday cake - drop in a few candles and a box of matches for an extra surprise.

Basically I spray painted an empty Cadbury's Roses tin white. You will probably need to spray three layers and be sure to leave it to dry thoroughly for at least a day so as to get rid of the paint smell and to avoid paint coming off when the lid is pressed down. Next I reused the stencil that I made here for the bench cushions. You can find out how to make your own sturdy reusable stencils from laminated paper here. You can of course buy a stencil but it's very easy to make your own using your own designs or any old picture you find from Google Images to tailor your theme.

Now you can proudly display your new cake tin rather than hiding it at the back of a cupboard just in case you might need it one day. Or wrap one up in see-through cellophane dressed with curling ribbon and make somebody's day with a gift.

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